You know the cost up front and can budget for the cost of the premium;

The premium is a tax-deductible and can be factored into the cost of running the business
You won’t be caught with a major bad debt that exceeds your provisions, which would directly affect your bottom line profit;
The policy may be assigned to your bank by way of additional security, which can enhance your ability to borrow;
The underwriters evaluate each debtor and monitor their financial position and credit worthiness on an ongoing basis;
You are kept informed of any known potential problems with your customer
Credit Insurance can expand your sales. Credit Insurance can be used as a marketing tool to increase sales to customers where you may not be prepared to extend a high level of credit. Credit Insurance allows you to do this with confidence;
Claims are paid within 30 days of receipt of “Confirmation of the Debt” from the liquidators;
Credit Insurance preserves your cash flow;