When considering a policy, you need to consider the following factors:

Analysis of where your risk lies;

The level of cover the you may require; and
The “Deductible” (excess) that you are prepared to carry

You submit the names of the companies you wish to insure and the amount of cover required

The Underwriter makes an assessment of the credit worthiness of the debtor and advises the credit limit they are prepared to write on that company

Once the limit is in place you can safely trade with the debtor, confident in the knowledge that should the debtor fail, your debt is protected (insured) under the policy

The Underwriters will continue to monitor all debtors for the duration of the policy period.

Should any adverse information become available, then the Underwriter notifies Creditinsure of the potential problem and we consult with you regarding the appropriate action to taken.

“Credit Insurance” does not only “Insure” the debt, it is a means of assisting you to avoid and or minimise bad debts through this monitoring and networking system.

If the level of business increases with any debtor, you are at liberty to apply at any time for an increase in the current credit limit.

You can apply for a credit limit on new customers at any time during the life of the policy.