Specific Account

This type of policy is to cover a single account nominated by the client

Underwriters are very selective when offering this product

In some cases it can be more cost effective to insure a number of your top accounts rather than a specific account.   


Top Account Cover

This type of policy allows you to insure only your top accounts only

The cost of this type of policy is determined as a percentage of the total turnover of the accounts to be covered


Whole of Turnover

This policy covers your complete debtors ledger.

The higher the deductable the lower the price. The Insured percentage on this type of policy is usually set at 85%.

The cost is based as a percentage of the business’s total turnover, excluding GST, Government departments, inter-company accounts, cash sales and C.O.D accounts

The Underwriter will set a “Discretionary Limit” (D/L) which allows you to grant credit up to this level without the need to apply to the Underwriter for a specific credit limit.

Any limit required above the D/L must be approved by the underwriter.



This type of policy is for companies with a large turnover willing to absorb a moderate level of bad debts with a high excess

It covers the client against a major unexpected loss and carries an “Aggregated First Loss” (AFL) (this usually starts at around $100k)

The cost of this type of policy is determined by the company’s turnover, the level of limits required, the maximum sum insured under the policy, the AFL and the level of excess chosen.


Small Business

This policy is designed for companies with a turnover up to $2.0 million.

Premiums start from $3,000. This product is only offered by QBE Trade Credit and a  strict criteria applies

Special Note: This option may not be available in certain industries and or given the current economic climate


This policy insures your shipment to overseas customers.

The policy can cover deliveries from one country to another outside Australia, providing that the transaction is invoiced in Australia

The cost is determined as a percentage of turnover based on a country by country basis